To all #MBM2016 participants,

Each of you are special in our eyes because you have the courage to challenge yourself and finish the race.

The timing result is available at TIMING RESULT page. We provide the record until 12:02 PM Bali time (7 hours 2 minutes after the flag off of full marathon).

Congratulations for those who have finish the race and achieve the target as expected. For those who have not, we believe that you have push yourself and fight a good fight. We hope that you maintain your spark and keep on trying in future.

We love to hear your story. Please share it through our facebook channel and we'll extend it to our partners, sponsors and volunteers as an appreciation for them. We believe that there are many things that we can improve in the future, should you have any comment or input, please send it to us .

Thank you for running #MBM2016. We look forward to see you next year.

Run, find yourself.


#MBM2016 Team